Tuesday Meditations

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Every 13 minutes someone takes their life from suicide…

by Church Admin

Every 13 minutes someone takes their life from suicide – and we often don’t talk about it, or the mental illness that nearly 1 in 5 Americans struggle against. In my own life, I have known four people who have taken their lives, and another half dozen that have attempted. My guess is there are […]

Come, Be Marked in Ash and Grace

by Church Admin

Death is taboo.  Even though we each will die, most of us will avoid talking about it. Probably because it’s unpleasant to be reminded that we aren’t immortal.  We can dislike talking about it and yet I wonder if our lives wouldn’t be better if we did. This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday in the church. […]

Seeking God thru Scripture (For a Year)

by Church Admin

The church is a gathering of people who are following God. And for many of us that involves worship on Sunday. It also is the way that we live the rest of the week…. We get to search God with all that we are, no matter what day of the week! We get to pray […]

…No sin is bigger than our God…

by Church Admin

Yesterday, Dylann Roof was sentenced to death for the murder of nine people at a prayer service in Charleston South Carolina. What he did was horrid – and news agencies report that he seems to show no remorse or repentance.  What I wonder is does he deserve capital punishment? Or to put it thru a […]

God Using Us!

by Church Admin

This past Sunday our youth group went shopping for Cedar’s Youth Home which helps children who have been abused, neglected, and homeless achieve safety, stability, and enduring family relationships! We got to spend nearly $400 buying toys, clothes, socks, and underwear on kids just like us who are in need! Praise be to God for […]

Give Thanks!

by Church Admin

So you want to be more “spiritual” or “Godly”? Start with being more thankful. Give thanks for your life, and for your friends, for the car you drive and the house you sleep in. Tell people you’re thankful for them, and think of the traits you really do appreciate about them. In fact, take a […]