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Recent Tuesday Meditation

Living Lutheran Article – Is this who we are? And what could God be up to here with us?

Ran across this article at Living Lutheran. Does this sound like us? – or can we relate?    https://www.livinglutheran.org/2017/04/church-rural-america/ “’There has been a lot of consolidation in other industries within many of our [rural] communities too. A lot of school districts have had to consolidate. Many of our services have been consolidated—rural hospitals have had […]

It starts with wondering and talking with God…

What do you do after God goes up to heaven? Most of us stand there figuring out what to do next – and yet in this text two angels tell them “What are you just standing around for?” – And in response the disciples of Jesus don’t just go back to work or try to […]

Know the symptoms, Know the signs. Reach out and echo God’s love.

We are a people who are about bringing light into darkness, hope into despair, and life into places of death. From the cross and the tomb comes Resurrection. From death and despair comes hope. We get to live this in our own lives, and towards those around us, so all might have life and have […]


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